Do you live in Prague or are you going to visit Prague? Wondering what to do when you`re on a trip? Tired of sightseeing? Doesn`t the idea of ​​what Prague has to offer appeal to you? Do you want to make your own program that will be fun and will be something new that you haven`t tried before? So yeah. How about shooting in Prague? No – we don`t mean shooting people in Prague. Of course not. We have in mind a hellishly awesome shooting range that will surely entertain you. You `ll rest, gain new experiences, and you`ll want to come back, you`ll see!

dvě ženy

You will have fun if you visit the most visited shooting range in Prague. But don`t forget to register your appointment in time. Due to high demand, places are becoming scarce. Call and book your appointment or go to the website and do it there. Just look at the website and you will find all the necessary information there, and if that is not enough for you – you know what to do. Pick up the phone and ask.

You can look forward to several weapons that you can try out. Does the idea appeal to you? Just a little more and you`re set. Some people do not think of shooting as a form of entertainment, but a select few enjoy the freedom and shooting very much. You can also have target shooting or some special bundle.

více zbraní

You can make mistakes in the beginning. You learn from mistakes, that`s just the way it is. You don`t even have to hit the target. It might happen. It can also happen that you shoot perfectly at the target for the first time and you will be proud of yourself. Why not. You`ll see when you try it yourself. Grab a few friends and come in a bigger group. It will be more fun.

If you want to go shooting with a whole bunch of people, order in time so you can fit in and shoot together. The environment is great and the staff will prepare and show you everything. If you`re not a pro who can handle a gun and turn your head, they`ll be more likely to hinder you than appreciate the services they`d give you. So be clear about what you want and what others want and vice versa.

So, lots of fun to you and your crew, don`t forget to post your review, because feedback is the only way to make a person wiser, and enjoy the laughs, gain experience, and be patient if you fail.